Sunday, May 8, 2011

MSDTC logon changed

i have no idea why did i changed the MSDTC logon user . it is so stupid to change it . don't ever try that u will be lost.

its from my event viewer messages that i did that because it gave me error network service does not have permission to access. i don't remember exactly what was the problem. i was doing the configuration for BizTalk 2009 it don't connect to the SQL Server on remote location.

what i did was is from run command open Component Services using command "dcomcnfg". right click My Computer in component services and go to properties --> click on MSDTC tab --> then Security Configuration--> changed the username from network service to my domain user for BizTalk and restarted the server as i thought it will solve the problem. but it did not. not only that i couldn't revert it back. the MSDTC tab is completely gone from properties of My Computer.

now the next option is change in registry for this server. i need to it as my server is in production cluster and a reinstallation of MSDTC is not an option for me as it could affect other production servers on cluster.

from registry --> HKLM --> System --> Current Control Set --> Services --> MSDTC --> Object Name changed to NT Authority\Network Service.

restarted the server. i got the MSDTC tab back but security configuration is disabled. click on Stop --> click on take ownership --> now click on Start . there you get it. change it from here. if you haven't changed it before from registry u should try this step first . few times it gave me message cannot start msdtc service but it is started from some reason.

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