Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oracle BIEE login problem

I got the following message when logging to BI dashboard
Logging in...... Please wait. it just hang there. i had many requests / connection from the main page .
from one of the OTN forums i got the solution as

This message will appear if the connection pool limit set in the repository has exceeded its maximum value.

If a particular dashboard has many pages/report requests, than a single run of the request can exhaust all the connections set in the repository connection pool.In such a case, until the dashboard has completed its run other users trying to log into the system simultaneously would be held up with this message.

This can be solved by increasing the maximum connection in the connection pool in the repository.
Also, effort can be put in designing the Dashboard where number of pages can be reduced.

Actually i had to restart my server as few other things also hanged in the system.after a restart everything worked fine. i guess the above solution could be a possible answer as i got lot of connections to the database from a single page. i have increased the maximum connections earlier for some other reason i do not remember.

Hope it will be helpful to someone and for me too in future :)

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