Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exclude list views from search scope in Sharepoint

My search results show list views also while searching for a documents apart from real document name. i didnot want users to see the source of the document or source url.
for eg: it was showing http://sitename/listname/Forms/AllItems.aspx

fix: create new crawl rule from sharepoint search administration SSP not from search administration scope (Shared Services Administration: SharedServices1 > Search Administration > Crawl rules).
1) click on New Crawl Rule > in Path enter *://*allitems.aspx*> make sure exclude is selected> click OK
2) go to content sources in Search adminisration >select the content source > do a full crawl

do a search list view will not show in search results. you can do the same for all list views including custom list views and also i added *://*DispForm.aspx*

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