Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Log files generated by OBIEE

OBIEE Logs are generated by the following components:

  1. BI Presentation Server
  1. BI Server
  1. BI Cluster Controller
  1. BI Javahost
  1. BI Scheduler
BI Presentation Server log can be located from C:\OracleBIData\web\log\sawlog0.log
This log is useful for Presentation Server login issues and answers/dashboard related issues.
You can increase the logging on this server to get a detailed logging to troubleshoot the SSO and integration issues by modifying the logconfig.xml file present in C:\OracleBIData\web\config folder

BI Server logs are NQServer.log and NQQuery.log present under C:\OracleBI\server\Log folder
NQServer.log consists of BI Server Start up issues and Subject areas loaded and the datasources connected
from within the RPD. If the NQSConfig.ini has errors or if RPD has version issues or if proper RPD is not loaded, the BI Server fails to start and this will be recorded in the NQServer.log
NQQuery.log consits of BI Server query operations. We can also check if the result is coming from cache or straight from database. We can get the actual time to execute the query. We can get the physical and logical query from this log.

BI Cluster Controller log can located from C:\OracleBI\server\Log folder. When the cluster is setup with OBIEE server nodes, the NQCluster.log file would provide the cluster nodes connectivity and status information. Along with the NQServer.log , NQCluster.log would be very useful for cluster related issues.

BI Javahost can be located from C:\OracleBIData\web\log\javahost\jhost0.log. This is used for identifying the issues with the charts and graphs generated by Java from Answers/Dashboard reports.

BI Scheduler can be located from C:\OracleBI\server\Log\NQScheduler.log. This is used for identifying the issues related to delivers/scheduler. To increase the logging on scheduler, set the debug flag to true in the scheduler job manager configuration window.

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