Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Access denied - trying to restore site on moss 2007

attempting to restore site I get an "Access is denied. (Exception from
HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))" error. I have attempted this several
times using several different accounts,

solution: go to central administration - application management - site collection administrator - add the service account used to restore to the secondary site collection administrator list

Suppressing the sharepoint timer logs

if the sharpoint logs are filling up without control ... follow the below

from services stop timer service.
  1. Start SharePoint Central Administration
  2. Go to Operations
  3. Select Logging and Reporting
  4. Select Diagnostic Logging
  5. Under event throttling choose All as category.
  6. Set least critical event to report to warning. 
  7. Set the least critical event to report to trace file to Unexpected. OWSTIMER.EXE error is giving out an Monitorable so setting it any lower and you’ll still fill up your drives.
  8. Under trace log set number of logfile to something more reasonable than the default ( I had 96 files times 7Gb is quite something ), I set it at 10. And set the number of minutes to use a logfile to 60. If nothing really weird is happening 60 minutes should be ok.