Wednesday, June 5, 2013

must receive before sending a message whose messagetype corresponds to a request response operation on an implemented port

Create a Decide shape after scope and move both send port (one from the scope shape and another from the catch exception block) and use a boolean variable and set it to true at the end of scope shape (i.e. after receive shape) and set it to false in expression shape in catch exception block and add construct shapes with transform after the expression. In decide shape check the value of this boolean variable if it is true then execute the branch to send back the response if it is false then execute branch to send back fault.

create one webservice response message that will be bind to solicit request response port. now do transform for original response mesage and also to all the exceptions . the main point is it should send same webservice response message that is bind to the port

you can bind any number of send shapes to webservice request response port as long as themessage is same.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Approaching SharePoint Web site storage limit

Subject: Approaching SharePoint Web site storage limit
Body: You are receiving this e-mail message because you are an administrator of the following SharePoint Web site, which has exceeded the warning level for storage:http://[sharepoint]/sites/[site collection]/. To see how much storage is being taken up by this site, go to the View site collection usage summary: http://[sharepoint]/sites/[site collection]/_layouts/Usage.aspx
What is it?
Don’t panic. It’s just the SharePoint Site Collection Quota doing its job.A quota template consists of storage limit values that specify the maximum amount of data that can be stored in a site collection. When the storage limit is reached, a quota template can also trigger an e-mail alert to the site collection administrator. You can create a quota template that can be applied to any site collection in the farm. – Technet

Specify Quota Templates

Specify Quota Templates allows administrators to define templates to later be applied to multiple sites.
Central Administration > Application Management > Quota Templates
Template Name : Allows the administrator to choose a template to edit or create a new template from scratch or existing template.
Storage Limit Values: Allows the administrator to set a site storage limit and a warning e-mail limit.
When a site storage limit is reached, the site is locked from any content being added. To enable just check the box next to “Limit site storage to a maximum of:” and specify a size limit.
When a site warning e-mail limit is reached, Site Collection administrators receive the e-mail noted at the beginning of this post. To enable just check the box next to “Send warning E-mail when Site Collection storage reaches:” and specify a size limit.
Sandboxed Solutions With Code Limits: Allows the administrator to set a limit on the maximum usage of Sandbox solutions per day, and have a warning e-mail generated when a sandboxed solution reaches a points-based threshold.
When a sandbox solution reaches the maximum point allotment, the code is disabled for the rest of the day and site collection administrators are alerted via e-mail. To enable just check the box next to “Limit maximum usage per day to:” and specify a point limit.
When a sandbox solution reaches the warning threshold, the site collection administrators are alerted via e-mail.  To enable just check the box next to “Send warning E-mail when usage per day reaches:” and specify a point limit.

Specify Quotas and Locks

Specify Quotas and Locks is where administrators go to specify quotas to use on a given site collection. Quotas can either an individually specified quota or a Template (see above).
Site Collection: Allows the administrator to choose which Site Collection to apply settings to.
Site Collection Lock Information: Allows the administrator to manually set lock status on a site collection.
Site Quota Information: Allows the administrator to choose a Quota Template (see above) or specify individual quota settings for a site collection. Individual settings are the same as “Site Template Settings” (see above).


So what do we set these at anyway? Well there are a few very important considerations to be made.
  • How fast do I expect this site collection to grow?
    • The whole purpose of this alert is to give you a clue how rampant growth is in your environment. You don’t want to get e-mails every day, so consider setting this high enough that it doesn’t bother you, but low enough so that you have time to react.
  • Is my site collection database shared?
    • If so, how much of the full database do I want to limit this particular site collection to?
  • Is my site collection database at risk of running out of space?
    • If so, set these quota low and consider breaking your site collection up.
      • Remember : The recommended maximum database size is 100GB. The maximum supported database size is 200GB.
quotas are a great tool for your governance tool box! Use them wisely