Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FRMWEB trying to connect through AD LDAP

I found a weird problem this week that frmweb.exe is connecting to Microsoft Active Directory Port 389 ie., LDAP which i haven't configured to do so. and our application do not use AD LDAP to authenticate users.

problem: open the oracle forms application. it takes long time to get the main login screen. tnsping take long time to connect and connection time is 0ms !!

reason: the netstat monitor shows the server first connects to AD LDAP. it spends more than a minute sometimes then connect to the real oracle application database.

the tnsping.exe also gave the same result. so the thing got to check is sqlnet.ora file in the network\admin folder of oracle home.

solution: hashed the NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH= (LDAP, TNSNAMES, EZCONNECT, ONAMES, HOSTNAME) entry in sqlnet.ora file


voila! there it goes

but it was working fine for years untill the problem last week. what could have caused it? still annoying me :(

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