Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Synchronisation problem with SharePoint Databases

the event id 5553 and 7888 were shown in the event log.

to solve the synchronisation problem with old databases in Sharepoint run

stsadm -o sync -listolddatabases 0

Now run a Select Query on the Config Databases “dbo.Objects” table and look for
the GUID that matches the listed GUID.

Table: dbo.Objects

SELECT Id, ClassId, ParentId, Name, Status, Version, Properties
FROM Objects
WHERE (Id = '5bafe2af-43o7-4043-a36d-2856xvr788e2') -change the id to yours

if there is no data for any id there is problem with sync so delete the sync
information by running the below command

stsadm -o sync -deleteolddatabases 0

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