Wednesday, June 5, 2013

must receive before sending a message whose messagetype corresponds to a request response operation on an implemented port

Create a Decide shape after scope and move both send port (one from the scope shape and another from the catch exception block) and use a boolean variable and set it to true at the end of scope shape (i.e. after receive shape) and set it to false in expression shape in catch exception block and add construct shapes with transform after the expression. In decide shape check the value of this boolean variable if it is true then execute the branch to send back the response if it is false then execute branch to send back fault.

create one webservice response message that will be bind to solicit request response port. now do transform for original response mesage and also to all the exceptions . the main point is it should send same webservice response message that is bind to the port

you can bind any number of send shapes to webservice request response port as long as themessage is same.


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