Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BizTalk DTA Purge and Archive Job failed - Error

make sure @nvcFolder  is accessible from the server. if the default backup location is not accessible it will give failed error.

exec dtasp_BackupAndPurgeTrackingDatabase
0, --@nLiveHours tinyint, --Any completed instance older than the live hours +live days
1, --@nLiveDays tinyint = 0, --will be deleted along with all associated data
30, --@nHardDeleteDays tinyint = 0, --all data older than this will be deleted.
'C:\DTABackup', --@nvcFolder nvarchar(1024) =N'C:\DTABackup' , --folder for backup files
null, --@nvcValidatingServer sysname = null,
0 --@fForceBackup int = 0 --

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