Monday, November 12, 2012

File not found error with SharPoint 2010

File not found error when going to Site Settings of subsite

With a fresh installation of SharePoint 2010 creat a subsite, go to Site Settings of the subsite or access a list. SharePoint give the error

Going into Site Settings of the root web is fine.

the problem is because Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) is not properly configured. configure AAM by going to Central Admin, then System Settings, then Configure Alternate Access Mappings.

When you install SharePoint, it will automatically add an entry with your computer name, e.g. http://compname/. If you were using this URL to access you Subsite (i.e. http://compname/Subsite/_layouts/setting.aspx) then everything works fine

However, if you are accessing it using http://localhost/Subsite/_layouts/setting.aspx, in which case it will not work, and you will need to add http://localhost/ as an entry to the AAM list.

This configuration will also affect SharePoint Designer.

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